Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mountain Lion’s Mail

Pierre Igot:

In other words, the selectiong highlighting colour remains the neutral grey that is normally indicative of a selection that is in the background, even though the window is now in the foreground. And even if I click on the message again to confirm that it is selected, the selection highlighting colour remains the neutral grey that is normally indicative of a selection that is in the background.

Even in OS X 10.8.2, I’m seeing a bunch of bugs in Mail: read/flagged indicators that don’t update right away (and don’t sync at all from the iPhone), messages that can’t be marked as unread, and searches that don’t find the messages they’re supposed to.

I’m also seeing a new behavior when I receive multiple copies of the same message (e.g. as a direct recipient and via a mailing list or two). Mail seems to silently delete one of them! I can see two messages in my iPhone’s inbox and watch one of them disappear when I open Apple Mail. This has made it difficult to test some mailing lists that I administer, as Mail was deleting messages that really were not equivalent.

See also: Replying From the Proper Account.

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I've noticed that Mail is using a LOT of CPU under 10.8.2 even when it should be idle.

The fans on my MacBook Pro are spinning up every few seconds as long as I have Mail open.

Another bug in Apple Mail that's "funny" which may still be in 10.8.2.

1. Create a new rule
2. Remove the only action rule
3. WTF?

Regarding the behavior with multiple copies of the same message — I'm seeing the same thing; it appears all but one are deleted. However, if I invoke the Things quick-entry panel to create a todo while one of those messages is selected, I see *multiple* copies of the message URL brought into Thing's panel, as if those multiple copies were still in fact there. So possibly it's just Mail hiding the multiple copies in the UI.

-- Matt

PS: Any way to add email notification on new comments here on your blog?

@Matt I don’t think Mail is just hiding them because they do not appear on the server. However, it may be remembering old internal URLs for them.

I don’t see an option to enable e-mail comment notifications, but you could subscribe to the comments RSS feed (global or per-post).

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