Thursday, September 20, 2012

Adopting Concurrent Opening for Core Data-Based Documents

Mike Abdullah:

It’s pretty nifty, but the NSPersistentDocument docs make no mention of support for [Concurrent Document Opening] (admittedly they don’t disavow it either), and I suspect it wouldn’t work quite right if you just tried to blindly turn it on. Or, like us, you may be using Core Data in a document-based app, but not using NSPersistentDocument at all. Fortunately there’s only a few things to bear in mind…

It’s strange how developers like Core Data, and have adopted it widely, yet Apple doesn’t seem to make much use of it in its apps and, perhaps for that reason, has not fully supported it in the frameworks and with new technologies such as sandboxing.

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CoreData is a pain for non CoreData applications as its framework is always included in new Cocoa projects even if you specify you do not want CoreData.

AFAIK, it's not that Apple does not make much use of it, it's that when they used it, they gave up using it (e.g. Aperture from what I read here and then).

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