Thursday, September 6, 2012

Improved SICP PDF

Lytha Ayth and Neil Van Dyke have built a new PDF version of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs with better typesetting of the math and figures. From Abelson & Sussman’s introduction:

Our design of this introductory computer-science subject reflects two major concerns. First, we want to establish the idea that a computer language is not just a way of getting a computer to perform operations but rather that it is a novel formal medium for expressing ideas about methodology. Thus, programs must be written for people to read and only incidentally for machines to execute. Second, we believe that the essential material to be addressed by a subject at this level is not the syntax of particular programming-language constructs, nor clever algorithms for computing particular functions efficiently, nor even the mathematical analysis of algorithms and the foundations of computing, but rather the techniques used to control the intellectual complexity of large software systems.

Update (2017-03-22): See also: this unofficial Web version with better formatting (via Hacker News).

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