Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beyond Document Scopes

Allan Odgaard:

As for the latter key though, ⌘B is also bound to “Bold” in many markup languages so we have a conflict. The Build command “wins” because the attribute scopes are more specific than the content scopes which means that if we press ⌘B in our then we will build the project rather than make a word bold.

I no longer use TextMate, but I still find its design interesting.

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That's one of the numerous UX flaws of Xcode 4.

When Interface Builder was a standalone application, you could set the style of a text quickly to bold with cmd-B (the size of the fonts could also be quickly set with cmd + and -).

In Xcode 4, you have to go through this very strange mix of popover window and NSStepper because cmd-B builds the project.

@bob I wish they would split Xcode 4 up into 3+ apps, like they did with Mail in Mountain Lion.

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