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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beyond Document Scopes

Allan Odgaard:

As for the latter key though, ⌘B is also bound to “Bold” in many markup languages so we have a conflict. The Build command “wins” because the attribute scopes are more specific than the content scopes which means that if we press ⌘B in our then we will build the project rather than make a word bold.

I no longer use TextMate, but I still find its design interesting.

Omni App Icons

Bill Van Hecke:

But during the course of pursuing our iPad or Bust initiative, we decided that we would never have a better time to make our app icons more consistent. Better to change all the icons at once than to wait for each of our five huge productivity apps (spread across three platforms) to reach major versions, updating the icons one by one. So we got to work on coming up with a consistent style.

I like these more icon-style icons.