Monday, July 23, 2012

MoneyWell 2.1

No Thirst:

We’ve been listening to your feedback since the release of MoneyWell 2 and have made significant improvements to our 2.1 release based on our customer requests. Below are some of the top enhancements to MoneyWell.

I was a big fan of MoneyWell 1.x, however the initial versions of 2.x were a disaster for me: features removed, crashes, and lots of bugs. I’ve now been using the release candidates of version 2.1 for several weeks, and they’ve been working well. It’s much faster than 1.x, supports account/bucket groups, and reconciling works better. The main caveat seems to be that the investment features are unfinished, e.g. “Stock Transfer In” transactions don’t work properly yet.

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Wow, MoneyWell looks interesting. I didn't realized it supported multiple currencies. Have you ever compared it with iBank? (That's the app that I switched to when Quicken discontinued their support of OS X).

@Matt I tried iBank several years ago when I was looking for a replacement for QuickBooks. At the time, I found that I liked MoneyWell much better. (Both are more like Quicken than QuickBooks, but I don’t need heavy business features.)

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