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Monday, July 23, 2012

Core Data Growing Pains

Whitney Young:

Today I’m going to discuss nested context support in Core Data and various issues that exist with them. Some of these issues are minor bugs. Others may be considered functionally correct by the Core Data team, but result in unexpected behavior. Regardless, they add up to nested contexts being a feature you should avoid completely (as of this writing).

One of the surprising issues is that Apple specifically recommends using nested contexts to do work in the background, yet if you use a nested context on a background thread it will block your user interface.

Checking App Store Receipts on OS X

Rainer Brockerhoff:

No doubt Apple will now recommend to all OS X developers that their receipt verification codes also check the certificates – and in fact, that’s what my apps are already doing. The certificates are, after all, available from the same parsing process recommended in the above link. At the very least, I recommend obtaining the SHA1 fingerprints of all 3 certificates (openssl has a SHA1() function for that) and checking them against the list above. And once that’s done, obtaining the app’s own signing certificates, and checking them, is also advisable, even if the app is signed with a Developer ID.

The Frustrations of App Store Licensing

Christopher Breen:

Regrettably, what this issue really needs is a more flexible policy from Apple—a method that anyone can use to transfer licenses, not just those who qualify for Apple’s volume purchase programs for business or education. It wasn’t such a big deal with iOS apps in that the vast majority aren’t intended for business use, but with the advent of Mountain Lion and Apple’s push to direct users to the Mac App Store (and the many business applications within) there needs to be a method for license transfer for everyone.

You can do it via Apple Configurator, but it sounds like it’s a pain.

MoneyWell 2.1

No Thirst:

We’ve been listening to your feedback since the release of MoneyWell 2 and have made significant improvements to our 2.1 release based on our customer requests. Below are some of the top enhancements to MoneyWell.

I was a big fan of MoneyWell 1.x, however the initial versions of 2.x were a disaster for me: features removed, crashes, and lots of bugs. I’ve now been using the release candidates of version 2.1 for several weeks, and they’ve been working well. It’s much faster than 1.x, supports account/bucket groups, and reconciling works better. The main caveat seems to be that the investment features are unfinished, e.g. “Stock Transfer In” transactions don’t work properly yet.

Little Snitch 3 Preview

Objective Development:

It’s now possible to create rules that are effective for an entire domain right from within the Connection Alert.

This will be useful, and it looks like there are a variety of interface improvements.