Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yojimbo and iCloud

Rich Siegel:

Please note that once we release a new version of Yojimbo with iCloud support, Yojimbo will only be available in the Mac App Store. This is because Apple has decided that any applications that use iCloud for sync may only be distributed through the Mac App Store. Therefore, all Yojimbo customers who wish to use iCloud to sync data will have to separately purchase the new version of Yojimbo from the Mac App Store once it becomes available.

Andy Ihnatko:

It’s easy for us all to think “Apple has this new iCloud service that’s way, way better than MobileMe. This is going to be great!” But a lot of developers are really feeling the pain. Products that were working just fine are now broken. Time, money, and resources that developers could be investing in making a great product even better must instead be spent just to keep their software working.

Both MobileMe and Core Data iCloud syncing are headache-inducing. Syncing is a hard problem.

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It’s funny because I don’t see the people behing 1Password complaining about suddenly being forced into the Mac App Store, nor about having to quit 1Password on all other machines in order for Dropbox syncing to work. They also have an iOS app that actually does stuff. Could it mean that iCloud is not the only way to sync data between Macs? Impossibru!

[...] pricing for the cloud component is incompatible with the Mac App Store. As a result, instead of only being available from Apple’s store, Yojimbo is no longer available there at [...]

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