Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Send to Kindle for Mac

The Mac version of Amazon’s Send to Kindle is now available (via Jacqui Cheng). There’s a (cross-platformish looking) app that supports drag and drop, a printer driver, and a contextual menu plug-in. You can choose which Kindle (or iOS device with the Kindle app) to use as the destination and also archive the files in Amazon’s cloud. Of course, you can still send files via e-mail. Meanwhile, Apple’s iBooks supports fewer file formats and can only receive files via iTunes.

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Steve Kalkwarf

I have no idea if this is any use to you, but to put "stuff" into iBooks, I do the following:

On my Mac:
Create the book using Pages;
Export to ePub;
Save in my Web Sharing documents folder;

On my iPad:
Browse to mymachine.local/~home;
Click the book title;
Choose "Open in iBooks"

It's probably not as convenient as the Amazon tool, but for my needs it works pretty well.

@Steve Thanks. This was actually a more theoretical complaint. I don’t use very many ePubs. For files that don’t work (or work well) with the Kindle, I use GoodReader and Dropbox, which is pretty frictionless.

Definitely, the last remaining issue for me is lack of support for ePub on the Kindle app. So when I have one of those, I email myself on the iPad, and then open the attachment in iBooks. Sigh. Why isn't Apple working on some kind of cloud syncing stuff? Oh, wait... :P

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