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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Send to Kindle for Mac

The Mac version of Amazon’s Send to Kindle is now available (via Jacqui Cheng). There’s a (cross-platformish looking) app that supports drag and drop, a printer driver, and a contextual menu plug-in. You can choose which Kindle (or iOS device with the Kindle app) to use as the destination and also archive the files in Amazon’s cloud. Of course, you can still send files via e-mail. Meanwhile, Apple’s iBooks supports fewer file formats and can only receive files via iTunes.

Why Are 30″ LCD Monitors Still So Expensive?

Philip Greenspun:

Five and a half years ago, I wrote a posting marveling that the Dell 30″ LCD monitor was selling for $1279. My HP-brand 30″ monitor seems to be flaking out, so I was considering replacing it with another Dell (my six year-old Dell monitor is still going strong). What’s the latest price from Dell? $1299! With LCD TV prices on a constant downward trend, how is it possible that the 30″ computer monitor remains stuck at over $1000? It is just that nobody wants this size? sells 27″ name-brand monitors (e.g., Samsung) for $300, but it would be hard to give up the extra size and resolution to which I have become accustomed.

Granted the current models are much better IPS displays, but I still find this surprising. I’m using a 5-year-old Dell display that also seems to be flaking out. I keep thinking some new product or price change will signal that it’s time to replace it, but that hasn’t happened yet. You’d think that, with Xcode 4 and Aperture, Apple would have some interest in producing displays larger than 27 inches. Now I think we may see a TV first.

Firefox 12

Firefox is now at version 12.0. Basic AppleScript support (such as getting the URL of the current window) hasn’t worked since version 3.5, and it was intermittently broken in some earlier versions.

Update (2012-06-15): Firefox 13.0.1 is now out, and the AppleScript support is still broken.

Amazon McMaster

Amazon Supply, looks like a McMaster competitor (via Gus Mueller). There’s free 2-day shipping with a $50 order (rather than the free slow shipping with a $25 order at regular Amazon), and it works with Amazon Prime. Many of the items that I looked at don’t seem to be in stock, however.