Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The New Yorker Rate Reduction

Lee Wochner:

I just got a “Rate Reduction Notice” from The New Yorker magazine. Evidently, as a “preferred subscriber,” I am entitled to “specially reduced rates” when I extend my subscription now. In this case, my special rate reduction would put me at $64.99 for the year — an incredible savings of $216.54 off the cover price!

I got one of these letters today, and it’s not a reduction for me, either. If you subscribe by phone, you can ask for the “professional” rate of $39.99 per year. I’d rather read it on my Kindle, but I get the the dead tree version because it’s the only one that makes it easy to save the articles that I like. Cutting them out and feeding them into my scanner produces much better results than trying to save pages from the subscribers-only Web site.

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