Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Apple Hates Brunettes

iKamasutra (via Craig Hockenberry, who calls it “Every developer’s greatest fear”):

After several years and 13 million users, Apple summarily removed iKamasutra from the App Store on February 20, 2012, ostensibly for adding brown hair coloring to our drawings. Then, on March 14, it was just as arbitrarily pulled from the Google Play Store. I have been trying to understand Apple’s and Google’s sudden concerns and address them, but with limited feedback and no real dialog from them, despite all our efforts, our options have dwindled.

They added brown hair to improve usability, Apple complained, so they changed it back, and then Apple rejected the app for duplicating apps that were already in the store. The irony: iKamasutra was the first app of its kind.

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