Monday, January 23, 2012

Sandboxing and Symlinks

Craig Hockenberry:

Speaking of Radar, we encountered a fairly nasty problem after launching xScope. Many of our customers are designers and developers who love SSDs. It’s common to use a symlink in your Home folder to put big datasets like Pictures, Music and Movies on a separate hard drive. When you do this, folder access in the application sandbox container breaks. A small number of users who use symlinks are also getting crashes after launching the app that was downloaded from the Mac App Store…

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So basically the message from Craig is:

"Sandbox is currently buggy and full of limitations but we're going to say it's fantastic so that our app is not removed from the Mac App Store. And since we're not crazy, we do not use it outside the Mac App Store because we like our applications to work correctly and care about making our users happy."

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