Monday, January 16, 2012

Dumbing Down Mac OS X: Lion’s Address Book

Pierre Igot:

By forcing us to adopt the two-column approach imposed by the skeuomorphic design, Apple is effectively deprecating groups as a feature. They are still there, but using them has just become much more painful. You cannot see groups or select one at all while you are viewing the contact details of a specific card. You first have to click on the red bookmark button at the top

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They did a lot of bad things in lion, not only to destroy a good address book... Even after half a year I get angry about this version for dummies.

I can’t believe that’s what Address Book looks like. I’d heard it was bad/ugly, but had never seen any screenshots until now. Have they lost their collective mind?!

They did the same thing to multiple calendars in iCal. Unusable i Lion, had to buy BusyCal.

[...] of the more egregious problems with Lion’s Address Book and iCal seem to be fixed. (The skeuomorphic chrome remains in place, though.) And there’s [...]

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