Monday, January 16, 2012

BBEdit Markers

Gabe Weatherhead:

Through a combination of pattern matching and markers, I can generate a quick index of anything I want. I can list all images, links or email addresses in a document.

I’ve long thought that I should make more use of markers. He also has examples of how to generate them via AppleScript.

Update (2012-01-18): I’ve had some success using an AppleScript to generate a table of contents in the markers menu, and using a documentWillSave attachment script to run the script when the document changes.

BBEdit also provides “Jump Marks”. These are invisible placeholders in a document. You can find them under the “Search” menu. They are also accessible through shift-cmd-j for “Set Jump Mark” and shift-cmd-b for “Jump Back”. If I need to quickly copy a reference link from the end of a document, I hit shift-cmd-j and then select the reference from the bookmark list. That places me at the end of my document with the reference selected. I can then copy or edit. When I’m done I hit shift-cmd-b to go back to my previous position.

Jump marks are great; I wish more applications had this feature.

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