Thursday, July 21, 2011

Save Sheet Shortcuts in Lion

Matt Gemmell:

It would be unacceptable to invite the inevitable physical slips this would cause, so “Don’t Save” is now triggered by Command-Backspace (which is an excellent shortcut, since not saving means your document’s contents will be deleted, in a sense, and hitting Command-Backspace is slightly more difficult than hitting Command-D).

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Sure, now you need two hands to perform a common action that required only one. Brilliant.

"Sure, now you need two hands to perform a common action that required only one. Brilliant."

It should require two hands. It's destructive. And now it matches the (somewhat similar in function) keycommand for Move to Trash. Lion may getting lots of stuff wrong, but this is right.

(Of course, I have a QuicKeys macro that keystrokes Command-W followed by Command-D for apps that don't support closing a 'dirty' doc via AppleScript, and I can easily change that macro if I ever migrate to Lion. I use a one-handed trigger for that macro, but it involves multiple modifier keys to keep from unintentional triggering.)

Huh. Off-topic, but thought it was worthy of note:

"Lion may getting lots of stuff wrong..."

Daniel Jalkut notes:

Maybe apple disables GUI scripting in full screen mode?

This seems to be of a piece with Apple decision to never provide GUI scripting support for Expose and Spaces. System hasn't been modified to provide support for any of the OS changes since 10.4.

So more and more of the OS X experience slowly becomes impervious to any form of user scripting.

Sounds like I'm really going to go exploring the state of user scripting in Redmond's OS. I rely on hooks to be a productive user.

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