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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Disabling Safari 5.1’s PDF Viewer

Pierre Igot:

These utilities still work, but obviously the underlying hidden preference that they give access to no longer works — either it no longer exists or it is ignored by Safari 5.1. And based on this post by Joel Spolsky at AskDifferent, I am not the only one who is encountering this issue and is at a loss as to how to work around it and restore our preferred behaviour.

I’m going to miss this, too.

Update (2012-03-17): It’s back in Safari 5.1.4.

Save Sheet Shortcuts in Lion

Matt Gemmell:

It would be unacceptable to invite the inevitable physical slips this would cause, so “Don’t Save” is now triggered by Command-Backspace (which is an excellent shortcut, since not saving means your document’s contents will be deleted, in a sense, and hitting Command-Backspace is slightly more difficult than hitting Command-D).

Objective-C Tagged Pointers in Lion

Bavarious notes that Lion can represent some numbers—and, potentially, dates and managed objects(!)—as immediates, without allocating any memory. This is a really old trick, which I guess they couldn’t do until direct isa access had been phased out, but it’s certainly welcome for those of us who create lots of little objects.