Friday, May 27, 2011

Gitbox 1.3

When I wrote about SourceTree, I mentioned that I wanted a Git client that could search the content of the changed source lines. Gitbox can do this. It integrates with various diff-viewing tools, but unfortunately it relies on them. You cannot even see a quick preview of the changes (or, in this case, search matches) within the application. It also uses a faux-iOS scrollbar thumb that was difficult for me to drag.

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Gwendal Roué

I'm a coworker of the author of Gitbox. I can't tell you how fun it is to see this Oleg Andreev's software evolve.

I guess the diff view is a hot topic. Yet, I'm curious: what do external diff tools, some of them excellent, miss, compared to an in-app diff view ?

What they miss is the ability to instantly browse the changes in any particular revision. Particularly with a flexible SCM like Git that encourages lots of small commits, just seeing what files changed is usually not terribly helpful.

Also, the ability to stage individual lines from a diff pretty much relies on there being some in-app diff support.

I'd really love to be able to move off GitX since as (as Michael mentioned) all of the various branches seem to be buggy in certain ways, but I've not found anything else equally usable, particularly in the area of commits.

[...] Tower, my primary Git client, now has views for file history and blame. I’m not really a fan of the popovers, though. Next up, I’d like to see searching of file contents. [...]

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