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Anatomy of a Crushing

Maciej Ceglowski on Pinboard’s traffic spike on Delicious Day (via John Gruber):

We had always prided ourself on being a minimalist website. But the experience for new users now verged on Zen-like. After paying the signup fee, a new user would upload her delicious bookmarks, see a message that the upload was pending, and... that was it. It was possible to add bookmarks by hand, but there was no tag cloud, no tag auto-completion, no suggested tags for URLs, the aggregate bookmark counts on the profile page were all wrong, and there was no way to search bookmarks less than a day old. This was a lot to ask of people who were already skittish about online bookmarking.

iPad Smart Covers and iPhone 5

Neven Mrgan:

If you’ve lasted this long, dear reader, perhaps I can alienate you now by stating that today, eight months after I first picked up my iPhone 4, I am more convinced than ever that its “Leica-camera-like” design is basically a misstep, one that will be corrected in a future redesign. The square sides were an aberration - I mean that in the technical sense of the word, a thing outside the norm - and will not be reused on further handheld products from Apple. The glass back is probably not long for this world either.

One can hope.

Little Brent Tables

Brent Simmons:

And she taught me to program — she taught me about code elegance and about how the best programmers are lazy and never want to write the same thing twice. Software architecture was dinner-table talk when I was a boy.

What a cool mom. I’m glad to hear that her surgery went well.

Apple Documentation Search That Works

Google is no longer a great way to search Apple’s developer documentation. Apple frequently breaks links, and it can be hard to find the most relevant pages. Peter Hosey presents some custom searches for Chrome and OmniWeb that trigger Apple’s own engine, which now presents the search results rather nicely. I’ve set them up in LaunchBar by using * for the placeholder.

On The Usefulness Of Core Data’s User Info

Drew McCormack stores some metadata in the managed object model to aid in implementing copy and paste:

Core Data defines a few metadata properties for each attribute and relationship. For example, properties can be transient, optional, and have a particular data type. The userInfo dictionary allows you to extend this basic set, defining your own metadata. By doing this, you are able to write code for traversing your object graph that is much more generic and flexible. (It is interesting to note that Apple itself adds metadata to userInfo, for stipulating whether to include an entity in a sync, for example.)


Jesse Grosjean’s DropboxSync is an open-source project to keep a local iOS folder hierarchy synced with a Dropbox folder hierarchy.