Thursday, September 9, 2010

Traffic Shaping for Testing

Daniel Jalkut:

If only I could get a really slow connection to Flickr, then I could easily test this. In the old days of Mac OS 9 or earlier, I may have resorted to plugging in a slow modem to simulate the experience of the less bandwidth-fortunate. In Mac OS X however, I can take advantage of the advanced firewall software that comes bundled with the operating system, and which allows me to configure “traffic shaping” policies on the traffic coming in and out of my computer.

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This is awesome. The prefpane he links to is also awesome. I've been needing something like this.

Beware of using dummynet traffic shaping. I've attempted to use this a lot on a home server, and it causes a significant number of kernel panics (both 10.5 and 10.6). I've reported it to Apple and never had any response or fix. As soon as I removed traffic shaping, the kernel panics stopped.

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