Friday, June 4, 2010

Silencing Critics

Tom Reestman:

So, no, the “open” iPhone will not silence the critics. Rather, it will give them more attack vectors to claim Apple is actually moving to solidify their closed, anti-competitive environment.

People will always find something to complain about, but not all complaints are equally valid. The benefits of the App Store are much less than the benefits of Cocoa. Adding Snell’s switch and allowing native apps outside of the App Store would quiet some critics. And, more importantly, it would provide real and substantial benefits both to users (more apps, more ambitious apps, demos) and developers (reduced risk, easier development and testing).

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Opening of Appstore could silence the critics, here is how:

-Make clearer but more flexible set of rules for Appstore acceptation
-Deny access for apps that do not comply with security policy
-Allow any other app
-Mark as "Apple certified" app which comply with Apple developer guidelines
-Pop-up warning screen before user would install "uncertified" app

In other words - moderate but do not restrict if not really neccessary.

Take Google voice. I would happily alow it. It would only show that users would hate intrusive apps and Google would have to redesign it eventually.

But why Apple has to make this decision for me? Wasn't I able to take care of myself for years using PC/MAC? Are they affraid of competition?

Restrictive policy made sense in the beggining, now it doesn't.

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