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Carcassone for iPhone

Who better to adapt a German-style board game than TheCodingMonkeys. It looks like a winner. Other board games I’d like to see: Titan, Puerto Rico, and Caylus.

Update: Unfortunately, it uses the third-edition rules for field scoring, which I think are less interesting.


You've probably tried it, but if not I highly recommend Small World for the iPad.


Being able to play something like Carcassone or The Settlers by passing an iPhone around (say, on a train ride) is totally awesome. Next step: an iPad version, so everybody can see the game board at the same time.

@Alan Schmitt Thanks. I was not familiar with that board game.

My left foot for Dominion for the iPhone!

@Phil Dokas It’d be nice not to have to hand-shuffle those tiny decks.

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