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Thoughts on Flash

Steve Jobs [Internet Archive] lays out Apple’s position. There’s really nothing new here, but it’s very clearly written and without too much spin. It’s odd that he doesn’t count Microsoft as a major Mac developer, though.

Update (2021-05-06): Hacker News notes that Apple has deleted the post. I’m not sure when that happened, but I added an Internet Archive link about a year ago when a reader first reported it missing.


It's even odd that he forgot that iTunes, FInal Cut are still not Cocoa apps.

Microsoft has several Cocoa apps, including Remote Desktop Connection. That said, so does Adobe, although he may not count Lightroom since most of the UI, while backed by Cocoa, is tiled and laid out using their Lua code in one of those useless abstraction layers.

"It's even odd that he forgot that iTunes, FInal Cut are still not Cocoa apps."

Riddle me this:

Is the Upcoming Big Rewrite of iTunes going to be done in OS X or iPhone OS?

If the former, then we can stop with the Apple II cracks. If not, then, well...

[...] sections 3.3.1, 3.3.2, and 3.3.9 of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement. Theoretically, Flash-based apps are now allowed, although Apple reserves the right to ban apps that “rapidly” drain the [...]

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