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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts on Flash

Steve Jobs [Internet Archive] lays out Apple’s position. There’s really nothing new here, but it’s very clearly written and without too much spin. It’s odd that he doesn’t count Microsoft as a major Mac developer, though.

Update (2021-05-06): Hacker News notes that Apple has deleted the post. I’m not sure when that happened, but I added an Internet Archive link about a year ago when a reader first reported it missing.

AdSense Arrows

Marco Arment:

Someone involved with this truly believed that enough people want to see even more of these incredibly relevant ads on the blogs they’re trying to read to make it worth the overhead of being in one of the most widespread interfaces on the internet.

MonoTouch and Section 3.3.1

Miguel de Icaza (via Jesper):

MonoTouch brings the C# language and the core of .NET to the iPhone, but does nothing to provide a cross-platform UI experience or for that matter any sort of mobile device cross-platform APIs.

We bring the C# language, garbage collection, a type safe system that help reduce errors, make programmers happier and more productive on the iPhone while getting access to every single iPhoneOS API that they want to.

We have also been able to expose new APIs that Apple has exposed in record time thanks to the fact that we are not really an abstraction layer over the iPhoneOS, but merely a compiler that talks to the native APIs.