Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Idea for Alternative RSS Syncing System

Brent Simmons:

As you can see, the server doesn’t have to do that much. It stores some small bits of data with timestamps. I don’t think it needs any cron jobs (at least not conceptually) — it just responds to requests. It doesn’t even have any idea what this data is about.

Jens Alfke:

You can think of the log file as a queue or message stream that’s being collaboratively read and written by all of the clients. This sounds like something you’d need a fancy web-app to manage, but it turns out that all it takes is a typical HTTP 1.1 server and a trivial server-side script.

It’d be nice to have an alternative to Google Reader.

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There are a million alternatives to Google Reader, just search for RSS2RSS in google.

Steve: It doesn’t look to me like that’s doing the same thing as Google Reader.

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