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Friday, November 13, 2009

Airfoil Speakers and the App Store

Paul Kafasis, John Gruber, and Manton Reece discuss Apple’s rejection of a bug-fix update to Airfoil Speakers Touch because of images that it displayed (but did not contain).

Update: Apple changed its mind.


Dangerous Cocoa Calls

Mike Ash has a great list of Cocoa APIs that are subtly dangerous. Note that since NSBundle isn’t threadsafe, neither is NSLocalizedString.

Update (2017-02-20): Charles Srstka:

In Swift 3, NSFileHandle was renamed to FileHandle, making it the de facto file handle class for use in Swift applications. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good API. NSFileHandle supports no error reporting whatsoever, instead throwing Objective-C exceptions whenever something goes wrong during reading or writing. There is no way that I know of to catch these exceptions in Swift, meaning that if a write failed because the disk ran out of space or something, there’s no way to deal with that other than crashing the whole application.

US Interstate Map

Cameron Booth has made a great map of the Eisenhower Interstate System (via Jason Kottke):

Drawing my cues from the original and best metro diagram, H.C. Beck’s wonderful London Underground diagram, I have rendered the Interstate system in a much simpler form. I have made the “major” highways (those divisible by 5) the framework of the map, with the “minor” highways reduced in importance and rendered as thinner grey lines. Even with these highways, a difference in the greys indicates whether they are even-numbered (west-east) or odd-numbered (north-south).

Now I feel like playing Ticket to Ride.