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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Changes 1.5

Changes 1.5 is much more useful than previous versions thanks to a new “SCM HUD” window that lets you, from your editor, select two revisions of the current file to compare. It currently works with Git and Subversion.

Overall, I prefer the Find Differences feature in BBEdit (and TextWrangler) for processing differences one at a time, and I prefer viewing git diff patches color-coded in TextMate to get the big picture of what’s changed. Changes seems suited to an in-between case, where you want to see what’s changed and also make a few edits. All these tools are better than FileMerge, of course.

I found the default color scheme confusing, as I’m used to red meaning deleted, not changed. A gray background with blue text seemed to work better.



Get Satisfaction, Or Else

Jason Fried:

We shouldn’t be forced to scour the internet finding sites that claim they are doing support for us when they’re not. It’s not fair to us and it’s not fair to customers to make something look like an official support site when it’s not. This should be entirely opt-in for a company and it’s not. In fact, it’s worse than that because if you don’t opt-in, they make negative claims about your company’s commitment to customers.

Update: Responses from Get Satisfaction and Fried.

The Constant Purge

Dan Benjamin:

It might take you an extra moment or two throughout the day, but if you keep up with the practice, you can eliminate the need for bigger, more time consuming purges like Spring cleanings.

This sounds a lot like continuous refactoring.