Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OmniGraphSketcher 1.0b1

OmniGraphSketcher looks pretty neat, although I wonder why the inspector uses the recessed bezel style for pop-up menus and segmented buttons. That’s supposed to be for toolbars and scope bars.

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Are you referring to the shape popup, for example?

Is there Apple doc which says that shouldn't be used in an inspector window?

Yes, that’s one example. The human interface guidelines say that style is for scope bars, and the examples of inspectors use regular controls.

Interesting. The HIG does indeed say that. But OmniGraphSketcher isn't the first place I've seen theme used like this, and I think they look better than the alternatives. (I think LittleSnapper uses them too.)

What would have have used instead?

Also, the 'scope' segmented control seems like an odd beast - what is the use case for a segmented control in a scope bar?

I would have used the regular controls (as Apple’s and Omni’s other apps do).

I could certainly imagine a segmented control in a toolbar.

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