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My 15-inch MacBook Pro and Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

I’ve been enormously pleased with my 15-inch MacBook Pro in nearly all respects. The unibody, the screen, the graphics, the processor and RAM, the keyboard, the trackpad, the accessibility of the hard drive—all are big improvements over the 2006 model that I had been using.

The support for external displays, however, has been abysmal. Apple’s Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter costs $99, it was delayed for months, and it doesn’t work properly. Periodically, the display becomes distorted or snowy. The store reviews and discussion boards (1, 2, 3, 4) show that lots of people are seeing these problems, with both Apple and third-party displays.

In my case, with a Dell 3007WPF, the distortion occurs most often within 10 minutes of coming out of the screensaver. Sometimes it happens several times within a span of 5 minutes. Other times it happens only once a day. The average is about twice a day. Sometimes the display temporarily forgets its ColorSync profile until I open the Displays pane in System Preferences. Sometimes the display flickers. None of this happened when using the same display with the older MacBook Pro.

Apple’s support page recommends resetting the adapter by unplugging and replugging it. This temporarily fixes the major distortions, but lesser distortions (such as a vertical line pattern in areas of solid color) remain until the computer is rebooted. Of course, unplugging the external display causes Mac OS X to move all the windows to the internal display. After reconnecting the external display, I run an AppleScript to restore the windows to their proper positions.

The problem seems to be related to USB. It occurs less frequently when the adapter is the only device plugged into the Mac. Currently, I’m leaving the USB port next to the Mini DisplayPort vacant, I plug a USB hub into the far port, and I plug the adapter and all my USB devices into the hub. This has reduced the occurrences to the frequency described above. With both the adapter and the hub plugged into the Mac, the problem occurred much more frequently, making the computer almost unusable.

Apple shipped the adapter in December, and negative reports surfaced almost right away. I figured it wouldn’t be long before Apple found and addressed the problem, and I bought the MacBook Pro in January. For me, the problem first occurred on January 20. I called Apple, and the specialist had not heard of the problem before. He wouldn’t send me a replacement adapter, instead suggesting that I send both the MacBook Pro and the adapter to Apple for testing.

On January 26, Apple released an NVIDIA Graphics Update that “improves cursor movement when using the Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter with the Mini DisplayPort enabled MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro.” As the Mac was not in my possession at that time, I did not install the update. Apple later pulled it.

On February 5, I received the MacBook Pro back, unchanged. Apple said that both the computer and the adapter checked out and that they had not been able to reproduce the problem. I called Apple to find out what the next step was. Because all the tests had passed, they would not send me a replacement adapter. The representative I spoke with seemed to have never heard of DisplayPort. A higher-up product specialist said he would get in touch with engineering and get back to me.

On February 12, the specialist called back with some suggestions: reset the SMC and the PRAM, and delete various plist files. This didn’t help.

On February 17, he called and sent some test programs I could run in order to gather information about my system. I did this and sent the log files to the Apple engineers.

On February 23, he called to say that engineering was now well aware of this issue and had been hearing other reports of it. They believe there is no hardware problem and that they’ll be able to fix it with a software update.

The current state of affairs is that:

Thus, the new MacBook Pros have been available since October, and there is still no reliable way to use them with a 30-inch display.

Update (2009-04-20): I’ve found that putting the display to sleep (by pressing Control-Shift-Eject) sometimes fixes the distortions. As this does not affect the window positions, I recommend trying it before unplugging the adapter.

Update (2009-10-03): Updating to firmware version 1.0.2 of the adapter has helped a lot.

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Chris Kraft

Its not directly related but how do you like the Dell 3007WPF?

I am looking for a 30" monitor to use with my pre-Unibody 15" Macbook Pro. I considered the 30" Cinema HD from Apple but its due an update and the macrumors buyers guide suggests holding off.

Plus the Dell is about $600 less for me even with my Apple discount. I usually don't obsess over the price with Apple stuff but that is pretty hard to overlook.


The 3007WPF is great. At the time I got it, it used the same LCD panel as the 30-inch Apple Cinema Display, but with a different backlight. Plus, it has a card reader, adjustable height, and more USB ports. The picture quality pales in comparison to Apple’s 24-inch LED Cinema Display, however.

I have the same machine, and I've noticed the colorsync problem from time to time, but on the Macbook's screen. This only happens when I have an external (20 inch) screen connected though.

I should clarify: the ColorSync problem occurs on my internal display as well (but only when the external display is connected).

I also wonder whats is up with apple. I was also planning of buying a 30" Dell but found out about the problems. I called Apple Support and asked if they are fixing the Problem. The Customersupportguy told me that the engineers are trying to fix that problem. Let's hope they find out soon! :(

[...] Tsai schreibt über seine Erfahrungen mit dem neuen MacBook Pro (vom Oktober 2008) und dem Anschluss eines 30 Zoll Displays über Apples [...]

One of the two reasons I'm waiting to buy a 17" Unibody MacBook Pro. The other being the reports about the GPUs being buggy.

Apple Engineers should be ashamed. The Mini Display port makes the Powerbook less useful than the older models. I still can't connect it to my TV.

I sure as heck hope they get this problem fixed, because I'm due to get a new computer in about four months and I've got the same monitor. The computer I was planning on buying is a 15" MB pro. Do you know if the 17" computer is having the same problems?

Frustrating that this could happen when I can just plug my current MB Pro in and have no problems. Apple's QA has slipped....

Brad: From what I’ve read, the 17-inch MacBook Pro does have this problem. The MacBook and iMac do not.

Thanks Michael. That's too bad. Apple really is slipping in their QA. But hey, I hear that iPhone thingy is pretty good.... :-)

I just got a new MBP and the lovely $99 adapter and I have to unplug/plug about every 5-10 minutes when it causes my Samsung 30" to go wonky.

I am using a 15" MBP with the Dell 30" display 3007WPF and the Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter. I must unplug the external monitor every few minutes to make the display readable. I disconnected an external USB hub with two hard drives attached, and the problem resolved. But now I can't use my external drives. Leaving one USB port open, or not using a hub, seems to have solved the monitor problem.

Kevin, what if you use the Dell's internal USB "hub"? Same problem?

Has anyone heard whether the new Mac Mini has the same problem? I've had a Dell 3007WPF for a few years working perfectly with a Powermac Dual G5, but I need an Intel CPU.

Add me to the list of extremely dissatisfied customers. We have two new unibody MBPs at work connected to Dell 30" monitors and we see the issue. I have tried Apple's fix resetting the PRAM, I have used the laptop with no additional USB devices plugged in, and I don't remember seeing a difference in frequency of problems. I appreciate you posting the details of service experience. To be honest, that is what I would expect from the "specialists". I think basically we are SOL unless Apple decides to fix it in software. If you think of it, please ping me if you hear of any updates.

The ColorSync profile issue is not specific to the unibody MacBook.

I'm using a "End 2007" MacBook Pro, and have the same problem from time to time.

I have just purchased a new-model 30" Dell cert. refurb that I got for $1299 (from their site). I had last year's model at work and loved it so much that I had to get one for home. Its hard to live without. However, its still sitting here in its box while I wait until the adapter issue gets resolved. I'm on the fence - should I get a 08 Powerbook pro or a new unibody model? Would I go back a model just to ensure smooth connection? YES, but I do want to take advantage of the new tech in the powerbook pros. HMM! BTW, I used a Bookendz docking station with the 08 powerbook pro + 30" Dell and it was a sweet setup. Worked flawlessly from day 1. Won't any other company make a DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter that actually works w/3rd party mons, and sell it for $15? Sheesh.

FYI, I've been having much the same problem with my late-2008 aluminum MacBook. (Dell 22-inch LCD connected; screen often goes to power saver mode in mid-typing then snaps back. Problems with banding in areas of solid color. Occasional video distortion that requires shutting off the monitor and restarting it.) I proposed to Apple that the problem might be with their video adapter, and never heard back. But another data point!

Coincidentally, Apple Insider just announced today that Apple may have a fix for the problem:

As it's a firmware update, I'm not sure I want to jump right on this, but if you're an early adopter...

Geoff Hart: That seems to be referring to the VGA adapter, not the Dual-Link DVI adapter.

Michael noted: That seems to be referring to the VGA adapter, not the Dual-Link DVI adapter.

Geoff replies: True. But from the problem descriptions, it seems likely that the two problems are related, and that the fix for one might solve the other problem too. I'd say "can't hurt to try", but given how quickly Apple pulled their last patch for this problem, I'm going to take the coward's way out (err... the prudent approach ) and wait a few more days before installing the patch.

I know I'm looking forward to seeing if this fixes the problem - but, I'll be honest, I'm not hopeful that it will solve the problem with the 30" monitors. Still, you never know!

The Bookendz models that are compat with the unibody PowerBook Pros aren't out yet, but once they are, will be interesting to see if that [interface] will make a difference with the 3rd party 30" monitors...

CF, I hope they work!

It's understandable that his kind of thing happens. Mini displayport is new and it's not surprising that there are issues converting to other interfaces. What is so frustrating is Apple's seriously bad habit of not communicating the status of the issues. Are they working on this problem? Should we EVER expect a fix? If not, fine. I'll change my setup.

What's worse is Apple exhibits the same behavior with thinks like the Java JDK, which makes it very difficult to plan anything that has to do with Apple and Java.

Please, Apple, just communicate!

Just checked again on Bookendz + Unibody... This from their website: (

"Now accepting pre orders for 13" and 15" Unibody Docking Stations. Anticipating ship date at the beginning of April. The new 17" Unibody Docking Station will be available in May."

So... just a few more weeks and we shall see!

Message from BookEndz folks regarding our issues and interest in their testing results:

"Unfortunately we are not in production yet so we have not had the capabilities to test this [unibody + Dell 30"] yet. I will definitely keep you posted as soon as we get these units and start testing. We should have these units in by mid April!"

--- so, we're waiting.

Thanks for the update.

[...] My 15-inch MacBook Pro and Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter [...]

$99 for the adaptor! Zoinks!

Just chiming in with a 30" Dell and a new Mac Mini, and stuck with 1200x800 resolution... Trying to mimic work, with the older Macbook Pro. Ugh. So no, it doesn't work, not even for a moment.

I am expecting my new Mac mini tomorrow and have been monitoring (pun intended) this Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI issue for a week or so with growing disappointment. I had my eye on the Gateway XHD3000, with the intention of using Apple's overpriced $99 cable (I guess) but until I start seeing stories like Michael Tsai's turn around in a big way, I will settle for a smaller monitor.

So when can we expect 30" displays featuring DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort?

Have the same problem with MBP 15" and a 22" dell screen. Please letme know about any fix. thanks.
pablo aht qriox dut com

I have the same problem, and fix it by briefly unplugging the USB connector. But it's a pain, I find myself hating Apple several times a day over it. Setting the energy saver graphics button to "Higher performance" does not seem to make any difference, despite suggestions on some apple discussion forums. At this point, I think Apple owes its customers a refund...

I was just at the Apple store yesterday deciding whether I wanted the new 17 inch MBP with the 26 inch cinema display or the 15 inch MBP with same display. Don't want to work on a laptop the whole time but need the portability. Imac can get heavy to lug around! I thought I'd do some more research and am now bumming because I don't want to make a purchase that's going to cause issues. Does this problem only occur with a 30 inch display or with smaller displays too? Funny how the guy yesterday made it all seem so simple. In fact when there the screen went all distorted and I called him out on it but he assured me it was a very simple "preferences" fix.

Was thinking of getting an 15" MBP but with all these issues I'm thinking just to stay with Window's XP as at lease I know what the problems are and how to fix them ?.

For your information: The Dell 3008WFP works flawlessly with the Mac Mini and a MacBook Pro using Apple's DisplayPort-Dual-Link adapter. So, after all, it might have to do with the monitor's electronics after all. I switched from a Dell 3007 - which I didn't try the Macs on - because my Dell laptop (M6400) only had a DisplayPort video output (no DVI), and the 3008 has 7 different inputs.

MiGa: I’m glad it’s working for you, but others have reported problems using the 3008WFP as well as Apple and Samsung displays.

Winnie, you can still go Mac without this infuriating issue - you just have to not buy the new unibody MBP... go last year's model without the mini display port.

Doesn't work with the Gateway XHD3000. I only get 1920x1200. Tried the VGA Update, but the patch reports that it can't find the device.

Hopefully a patch will be coming shortly. Anyone use SwitchRes X to manually set the timings?

The monitor works flawlessly in Windows 7. I am wondering if this is a driver issue with OSX.

For what it's worth, I just got a new MacBook (2.4) and even though the GPU is not the same as that of the Pros, there have been a number of people having problems with external displays. I plugged in the adapter to my 30" Dell (same model as Michael's) and to my amazement, it's worked perfectly for four days. Hopefully the same thing will happen when I get my 24" iMac, but we'll see.

Michael, thanks so much for the post. It's one thing to read the reviews at the Apple online store, and another hearing from a trusted developer (I'm a longtime Spamsieve user). I've been debating about getting a new MBP and 30" Apple or Dell display, and this information helps tremendously.

Has anyone tried a non-Apple adapter for dual link?

[...] Pro, a 15-inch unibody model, doesn’t work properly with external displays. There’s a problem using the Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter. I sent the computer to Apple, who determined that the hardware was working correctly and promised [...]

I don't believe there are any non-Apple adaptors for dual link DVI yet.

If I knew how to, I would start a petition and block apple from adding the Mini displayport spec (as its obviously flawed) to the V1.2 displayspec. This way its not an official spec and we can be rid of it in the next hardware revs. mini,displayport doesn't not have the efi shielding to properly handle the bandwidth for a 30" monitor. Once we see a Mini-Displayport to Display port cable (there should be no electronics needed as the pins are supposed to be the same) then we can see if apple is just pulling the wool over the worlds face when its tested on the Dell 3008WFP.

Update on BookEndz Docking station for unibodies... looks like they'll be available in July.

Wonder if the new dock will mitigate the improper efi shielding Bill mentions above. Can anyone guesstimate about if this pairing will possibly be a viable solution to this Mini-Displayport aggravation?

thanx for this awesome review! ok, so no firewire on macbooks AND we can't hook up to a bigger monitor. i'm not so happy right now...

my mbp unibody 15'' worked well for 8 weeks or so with a nec 24'' external display. i used the normal small mini displayport to dvi adaptor. once i added a dvi-to-hdmi cable on order to play a dvd on my loewe tv set the tv was pink snowy instead of blue.
the next day back at work the snowy screen was also on the nec (!) which didn't have any problems before.

i tried the following things:
trigggered down the resolution - same thing
conneced an old mbp to the nec display - worked.
connected my mbp to a 19'' lg (which i dont like) - worked.
connected my mbp to a 23'' apple cinema display - blue comes as pink and fuzzy screen!
followed all the instructions from apple care - didn't help.
waited for the last system software update - no bugfix.

i assume:
its not the adaptor and the problem is not related to a certain display like the 30'' dell.
apple knows about the bug and i hope they get it fixed soon.

i try to upload a picture from photobucket, but i dont know if html is allowed here... so maybe here it is.

Michael - Can't you just get them to fix this already? I'm sure Apple will listen to you, a well respected developer.
We all would appreciate it. I hate to have to buy a $2,500 computer just because I want to use a 30 inch monitor.

Just bought the new unibody Macbook and the Dual Link DVI adapter. Connected it to my Dell 3007 like mentioned above and bingo - at about 10 minutes I got the same issue. Fuzzy, lines, etc. I have to put the machine to sleep, then wake it to get it back. Going to talk to Apple tomorrow to see if I get the same runaround. Will update.....

I'm on my forth mini displayport to dual dvi adapter while using a Dell 3008WFPt. The first three were firmware 1.01. The forth was 1.02. All resolutions above 1920x1200 (res's requiring dual dvi) are fuzzy, as seen here: I have never seen it not fuzzy on these resolutions. Lower resolutions are fine.

I was able to escalate this issue while on the phone with Apple today and they said they were working on a solution. The guy I spoke with actually said they were discussing it today in their morning meeting (really?!).

My fingers are crossed along with everyone else.

For those looking for a mini DP to DP adapter cable. Here it is:

It's much cheaper and much better for connecting a mini DP Mac to a monitor that has a regular DP input such as the Dell 3008WFP. Everyone that bought one gives it 5 stars.

Thanks Jon - I ordered this last week after I saw your post; waiting on delivery.

Looking for feedback from the folks who are trying out that cable with their Dell 30" - got my finger on the "buy" button! ;)

Just got my cable yesterday and it appears to be working fine. Shipping my Apple adapter back tomorrow.

Glad to hear that it is working for you John. Everyone on the Circuit Assembly site gave it 5 stars so unless they sent out a defective cable by mistake it was sure to work.

Using an expensive (and problematic) miniDP to DVI converter simply doesn't make sense when your computer is DP (albeit a miniDP one) connecting to a DP monitor as the signals are identical and need no conversion, just pass through. If the monitor ONLY had DVI inputs then that's another story but in the case of a DP monitor like many of the new Dells, that conversion just unnecessarily causes problems and reduces performance. And as the cable is pass-through, its obviously a lot cheaper ($15) vs one that needs to do actual data conversion ($99).

Since Apple created this miniDP form factor, they really should have created the miniDP to DP adapter themselves. It's just pass through so its not that hard. But I guess they wanted to sell more expensive $99 converters (that don't work that well) than cheap $15 pass through adapters. Another reason might be to discourage Mac people from buying non-Mac monitors since few if any manufacturers are producing miniDP monitors.

Curious if anyone has tried this miniDisplay Port – HDMI converter yet with the Dell?

oops - my bad. It ships next month! sowy...

Hello CF,

Just curious, is this the one which you are searching for?

it costs about $15.25 and seems in stock.

Still following up on this issue. Has anyone here checked the latest with Apple's forum thread? – the last post states that this is an OSX issue. Also wondering if anyone is using a unibody with a Dell 30" + new Bookendz dock ($300 at CDW, ouch!)?

CF: Apple told me it was an OS X issue when I spoke to them on the phone originally. I still believe that's true, especially because of the reports of it working with Boot Camp.

Maybe this looks hopeful? I'm wondering when this will be available for retail:

Glad to see there are plenty of others with the same issue as myself (although it sucks for everyone with the issue).

I just purchased a new MBP about two weeks ago with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. I also have the same Dell 30" monitor (3007WPF) and found out I needed the Dual link DVI to minidisplay port adapter. After dropping th $100 and plugging it in I'm finding the exact same issue you described above - waking the laptop out of sleep mode causes vertical colored/fuzzy lines almost 80% of the time.

I'm running the latest firmware for the Dual link DVI adapter (1.02) and still nothing has been done to fix this issue from Apple - and it's now the end of September!!

My old MBP worked just as yours did, but this new MBP with Snow Leopard just does not work. I"m also beginning to think it's a Snow Leopard issue and not the firmware, cable, or video card.

Wish Apple would get their crap together and fix this problem.

[...] mentioned in March, there were serious problems using Apple’s Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter to [...]

Yea guys, i just bought a miniDP to HDMI converter for my 15" MBP (connecting to my 40" samsung panel and no go - crazy fuzy resolution and no one seems to have an answer..... hopefuly i didn't just spend $3,200 on a mac and $2000 on an LCD screen just to sit and look at a beautiful panel with the worst graphics possible... mac should suck a d***.

I'm having a possibly related problem. When I have my brand new macbook pro 15" plugged in with the mini displayport to dvi OR hdmi OR MDP->dvi->hdmi - I get intermittent problems as follows. After the computer goes to sleep and wakes up there are a variety of problems. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes it freezes and wont wake even after disconnecting the external monitor. Sometimes it cycles through black, blue and dithered looking screen in what looks like an attempt to match the display but it will do this endlessly. I may have finally gotten some success by using a mini displayport to vga. But what is the point of having all this fancy and expensive hardware if we are back in analog VGA/RGB land?

Another possibly related problem - when I have an external monitor plugged in AND the audio jack plugged into my stereo - I get terrible noise on the audio line which ruins any movie watching experience. So basically this brand new MBP is useless for watching movies on my home entertainment system. Which is a real drag.

Ive been reading about problems similar to the 1st one but have yet to hear of the second one. Ive been trying every combination of adaptor and plug and power setting i can think of to troubleshoot this problem. I even have a 2 year old MBP with the older full dvi slot and it has none of these symptoms using the same external hardware and adaptors (excepting the mini displayport adaptor which obviously would not work with my older MBP)

Apple needs to step up to the plate and find a solution because external monitors are a must for many mac users. I have a full Apple Care plan along with my laptop all purchased only a month ago so im hoping that working with my local apple store will resolve these issues.

My converter just arrived this morning. I had flickering issues after sleep until switching to the USB hub method mentioned in the original post. As long as the converter (firmware 1.02) is powered by the USB hub and not the Mac itself, it works perfectly with my 30" HP LP3065.

Thanks for the tip! I've tried it with both a MBP 13" and Mac mini (both early 2009). No problems so far.

Reading all these comments makes me very sad.

I have the brand new 17" Mac Book pro running Snow Leopard. I have a Samsung 36 inch TV(series 6 610/640). It's an LCD flatscreen. 1080i hi def, the works. I was planning on using it as my monitor, so naturally I asked the "genious" at the apple store about how to run the computer image to the TV. He said to use the mini display to DVI converter, than run a DVI to HDMI adapter cord to the TV. Blam.... OK I figured it was ok because I have an apple hi-def 30" display at my other place of work that I plug the same computer into, and in that case, I use a mini display to DVI adapter, then simply plug the DVI cord of my apple display into that. It works beautifully. But... but.. I get home, and get ready to plug this thing into the TV with the DVI to HDMI cord into a HDMI input in the back of the TV. So, the propriatary "Samsung" window comes up giving me the different resolutions I can choose from, and I found one that fit, but the image on the screen was grainy, and crappy.. I tried every possible permutation, between the TV's settings and the different resolutions offered on the Mac for the monitor. It did not work, crappy image, and the reaction time on the mouse was sluggish. It is like the adapter combination caused a problem with how the pixels are translated. Soo.... what I did was this.. I drove back to the Apple store (NY 5th Ave store open 24/7) and asked for a mini display to VGA adapter.. Yes the TV has a VGA input in the back.. And to the "genious" shagrin, he gave me the adapter while saying that the picture I would get would be worse using a VGA input than using a HDMI.. (mind you, before I made this second trip to the apple store, I searched many blogs where people were having the exact same problem as me, and saw this as a suggestion, after having considered it myself, but i figured, heh, I should get HDMI, the cream of the crop!!) Well... let me tell you.. I finally got home, I plugged in the mini display to VGA adapter, and I plugged in an old VGA cord I had laying around into the adapter at one end, and into the TV at the other. I simply had to keep the laptop open simultaneously as I had it plugged in to the TV. I opened the system prefrences "displays" window. Then I set the mode of the display to "mirror" my laptop screen. I then set it to 1920 x 1080 resolution. I closed the laptop to put it into clamshell mode. The computer goes to sleep, & I get a no signal message on the TV screen. Then I simply push a button on my external keyboard or mouse, and the computer wakes up with... voila!! a superb image of my desktop on the TV.. I tested it out.. Really it is a true to form Hi Def image. This is using VGA now folks. It is a PC designed port. I am sure that a HDMI is a step up from VGA for sure,.. theoretically.. if it actually worked with snow leopard in combo with the adapters, but it does not, and the VGA really offers a extremely rich and detailed image. I am very happy. So dont go for platinum, just shoot for the gold and youll be happy. Get the mini display to VGA adapter if you want to run your snow leopard macbook pro to a TV that has a VGA. You may save yourself some time and a headache..

Hi Michael,

Perhaps this product will work better, get them to send you one to review :) if it works then it looks like a few people be buying one me included!

[...] Tsai (developer of EagleFiler and SpamSieve) My 15" Powerbook & Mini DisplayPort Improved By Alec Tags: apple, hardware, [...]

I am consfused as to why you would need this? I have the Apple 30" Cinema Display plugged into my 15" Macbook Pro with just the regular Mini DisplayPort-DVI adapter that is $19 at Apple. I am able to use both screens and drive the full resolution. Is there another reason to use the Dual link?

Randy: You cannot drive a 30-inch display at full resolution without dual-link.

[...] Dual-Link DVI Adapter has gotten quite a lot of bad press with respect to its stability. Last year Michael Tsai wrapped up the the current state of affairs quite well: The current state of affairs is [...]

Has anyone tried using a mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter, and then using the Accell DisplayPort to DVI-D adapter which has a very good reputation unlike the apple adapter? See links below.

Accell UltraAV B087B-002B DisplayPort/DVI-D Dual-Link Adapter (Black)

Altaz Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter for Apple MacBook

This will end up costing $15 more, but if it works well then it would be well worth it.

Hi Ian (Dec 30, 2009 post), Michael,

Did you end up trying the Accell cable:

I'm tempted to give this a try... will let you guys know how it goes :)

Hi, I just received my mini DP to DP adapter from Circuit Assembly and it work just perfectly to connect my Dell 3008WFP to my Mac Mini :) tks a lot for the tip...

[...] tried a couple utilities to do this years ago, but was never that happy with them. And during the Mini DisplayPort adapter fiasco I’d written an AppleScript to restore my hard-coded window positions. However, Moom is easier [...]

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