Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quay 1.0

From Rainer Brockerhoff, Quay is a utility to bring hierarchical folders (with distinct icons) to Leopard’s Dock. Each Quay Dock tile is a document for Quay’s helper app, which pops up the menu when you click on the document in the Dock. This clever, hack-free design has the downside that the Quay menus appear on mouse-up rather than mouse-down.

Update: Brockerhoff discusses Quay’s development.

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Feature, not bug. You don't have the RSI-inducing stress of tensing your finger muscles while you ponder the popup menu.

What does that mean? It only happens when you're not hodling down the mouse button? The sub-folders only appear when you actually move the mouse upward? Please clarify for the people who don't know all the GUI/ergonomics lingo...

It means that the menu appears when you release the mouse button instead of when you press it. Standard Mac menus appear when you press the button.

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