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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Enter a bit of LaTeX on this site, and it’ll give you a permalink to a GIF-rendering of your equation. For example:


Leopard Tidbits

A bunch of interesting observations from Sven-S. Porst:

PIDs in X.5 don’t restart from 0 again once they reached the 215 region. Rather, PIDs go on and on and on.

And thus Apple had to use the less-than-ideal technique of using a small custom icon graphic as a custom icon for the huge folder icon.

And thus, with a few clicks in the Keyboard preferences, I had the Finder set up to invoke ‘Show Package Contents’ for a Command-Option-Shift-O.

Quay 1.0

From Rainer Brockerhoff, Quay is a utility to bring hierarchical folders (with distinct icons) to Leopard’s Dock. Each Quay Dock tile is a document for Quay’s helper app, which pops up the menu when you click on the document in the Dock. This clever, hack-free design has the downside that the Quay menus appear on mouse-up rather than mouse-down.

Update: Brockerhoff discusses Quay’s development.