Monday, July 30, 2007

LaunchBar 4.3

This version of LaunchBar introduces a bunch of new features, but the most interesting are two that rely on a new gesture: holding down the last typed key.

Instant Open
Hold down the last character of an abbreviation to open the item without having to press Return.
Instant Send
With text or a file selected, press Command-Space (which normally summons LaunchBar) but hold down the Space key to also transfer the selection to LaunchBar (using the Send to LaunchBar system service). Previously, to do this from the Finder, you had to use the separate Get Finder Selection command (Command-G).

I also like the new feature to browse within text, RTF, and HTML files; and the improved calculator (Command-= or just type a digit).

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"instant open" has been a Quicksilver feature as long as I can remember

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