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LaunchBar 4.3

This version of LaunchBar introduces a bunch of new features, but the most interesting are two that rely on a new gesture: holding down the last typed key.

Instant Open
Hold down the last character of an abbreviation to open the item without having to press Return.
Instant Send
With text or a file selected, press Command-Space (which normally summons LaunchBar) but hold down the Space key to also transfer the selection to LaunchBar (using the Send to LaunchBar system service). Previously, to do this from the Finder, you had to use the separate Get Finder Selection command (Command-G).

I also like the new feature to browse within text, RTF, and HTML files; and the improved calculator (Command-= or just type a digit).

Stewing Over Safe Sleep

Joe Kissell:

I don’t like Safe Sleep one bit—at least not the way it’s currently implemented. I especially dislike the fact that Apple has not merely made it the default setting, but has omitted any graphical interface for turning it off—and the fact that if you use the command line to do so, chances are good that Safe Sleep will turn itself back on when you least expect it.

Excellent article; don’t miss the end.

iPhone Volume Buttons

Aza Raskin:

In effect, physically rotating the phone into the BoB landscape mode has swapped the meaning of the buttons. The button that used to be in the position that maps to “increase volume” is now in the position that maps to “decrease volume.” The solution is to use software to swap them back.

I’m not convinced, and I think the demo is irrelevant because it uses software buttons. With hardware buttons you remember how they feel and how they’re positioned relative to the corner. The software buttons are centered, and there‚Äôs nothing to feel. Especially if it’s in a pocket, I would rather that the buttons behave predictably than have to guess what orientation the phone thinks it’s in and then determine whether it’s switched the meanings on me.