Sunday, July 1, 2007

Apple, Get Your Act Together


Get 64-bit support into iTunes and QuickTime, and into whatever drivers or supporting software is needed for iPods and the iPhone. 64-bit Windows is far from mainstream, yes, true.…But you, of all companies, could at least try—especially with users thinking it will “just work.”

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Well it might be closer to mainstream than you think. HP is pushing 64bit Vista with nearly all of their higher-end systems (desktop and laptop), including my laptop model that I purchased two months ago. So we (I) become one of the thousands of forced beta testers for this OS and all the drivers that don't support it.

But Apple I'm sure is tackling this, even if dragging their feet on it. If sales have missed their mark for Apple's iPhone, here's one market segment of early adopters that would/could be buying the iPhone. I did, but had to return it (since it doesn't work with my 64bit Vista Ultimate).

I'll buy it again when they do fix this issue.

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