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Sunday, July 1, 2007

We’re Not an Edge Case

Miraz Jordan:

This map gives a whole different feeling to New Zealand. This time you can easily see that apart from Australia we’re surrounded by a whole lot of ocean. If we go North and swerve past a few smaller islands there’s nothing but ocean. If we go East there’s nothing but ocean. We’re a long way from anywhere, really.

iPhone First Impressions

John Gruber:

I hope you like top-posting, and quoting the entire message you’re replying to. Me, I despise that style of email, but iPhone Mail doesn’t really work well any other way. One problem is that the iPhone doesn’t support the concept of selected text. That means you can’t just select a specific portion to quote of the message you’re replying to; nor can you select a chunk of the quoted message and delete it while editing. The only way to delete text is one character at a time (although the keyboard does let you press-and-hold to repeat). And to top it off, there’s no way to reply without quoting anything at all.

Not a surprise, but noteworthy nonetheless: iPhone’s Mail has no spam filtering whatsoever. You’ve either got server-side spam filtering or you’re stuck wading through the dreck.

Or you can use SpamSieve on your Mac to filter out the spam. It’s not the most elegant solution, but as far as I know (I don’t have an iPhone yet) it works, and it has the advantage that you don’t have to download the spam messages over an EDGE connection.

Apple, Get Your Act Together


Get 64-bit support into iTunes and QuickTime, and into whatever drivers or supporting software is needed for iPods and the iPhone. 64-bit Windows is far from mainstream, yes, true.…But you, of all companies, could at least try—especially with users thinking it will “just work.”

Old Meets New

The iPhone User’s Guide contains lots of interesting information about the iPhone. But the most interesting thing, to me, is that the document was created on a Mac using Adobe FrameMaker 6. This version of FrameMaker was released in 2000 and ran under Mac OS 8 and 9. FrameMaker 7.0, the last version that ran on Macs, was released in 2002. Old Mac OS software can run under Mac OS X in Classic, but only on PowerPC-based Macs, the last of which was discontinued almost a year ago. Apple is apparently using some old software and hardware to document its newest product. I totally understand; FrameMaker 6 is a great piece of software, and there’s nothing like it for Mac OS X.