Friday, March 24, 2006


Bill Bumgarner:

AppleScript, on the other hand, continues to baffle me. All those english like sentences just confuse me. I constantly try to write code that is, well, like code and it doesn’t work.

Fortunately, there is appscript, a python module that makes any AppleScriptable application into something I can talk to just like any other Python object. This quite effectively reduces AppleScript programming to a programming exercise that my tiny little mind can effectively metabolize.

I find this is interesting because, while I don’t have trouble writing in AppleScript, there are cases where its syntax isn’t very efficient. Plus, it looks like appscript would be nice to use if you want to talk to an application and work with files or Cocoa from the same script. Like JavaScript OSA, though, it’s not as useful when you need to write scripts for other people to use.

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