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Friday, March 24, 2006

Photoshop on Intel Macs

Scott Byer (via John Gruber):

Now, I’m an engineer, and I’m all for getting products out in front of customers so they can use their machines to their fullest as soon as possible, but there is just no way putting out a Universal Binary of Photoshop CS2 would make any sort of sense. 

Don’t miss the comment from “Apple Engineer.”

The Network Domain

Daniel Jalkut:

But the network domain is an awesome idea! So it looks like you get to be the network administrator. By setting it up correctly you gain a centralized share for all users of a LAN that benefits not only FastScripts, but any other application that correctly iterates the four domains for supporting files! For this reason, it’s worth knowing how to set up, and worth pressuring Apple to make the setup easier for everyday users. The remainder of this article details the steps you may take to both publish a shared “Library” folder from one computer and subscribe to it from any number of other computers on your LAN.


Bill Bumgarner:

AppleScript, on the other hand, continues to baffle me. All those english like sentences just confuse me. I constantly try to write code that is, well, like code and it doesn’t work.

Fortunately, there is appscript, a python module that makes any AppleScriptable application into something I can talk to just like any other Python object. This quite effectively reduces AppleScript programming to a programming exercise that my tiny little mind can effectively metabolize.

I find this is interesting because, while I don’t have trouble writing in AppleScript, there are cases where its syntax isn’t very efficient. Plus, it looks like appscript would be nice to use if you want to talk to an application and work with files or Cocoa from the same script. Like JavaScript OSA, though, it’s not as useful when you need to write scripts for other people to use.

Amazon S3 and BitTorrent

Colin Faulkingham:

The Tech Crunch folks published a nice review of Amazon S3 grid storage. But they totaly [sic] missed what’s so cool about it. If you read beyond the standard features about price and storage you will find out why it’s really the killer app. Take a look at the developer documentation and have a look at the last section entitled “Using BitTorrent with S3“. That’s right Amazon S3 supports BitTorrent, it will create and seed your object(file).