Friday, January 27, 2006

Daily Reboot?

Seth Dillingham:

By some odd coincidence, three times this week I’ve come across Mac OS X users who don’t know the benefits of logging out. That is, they either leave the machine running at night (still logged into their user account), or they put the machine to sleep. They rarely—if ever—log out, and only reboot when “something is wrong” or after installing a system update.

I did that (log out only when necessary) for years, and didn’t notice any ill effects. Nowadays, I restart every morning. I’m not sure what causes it—maybe the nightly backup—but I found that if I don’t restart my Mac, it gets sluggish. This is most noticeable in that the Python interpreter starts taking five seconds to start up instead of a fraction of a second.

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For me on my personal and work computers SystemUIServer tend to devour virtual memory. Take for instance, this screenshot where it's running at nearly 2GB of VM. I haven't found any rhyme or reason to this, but it certainly does happen from time to time.

Thanks for the comments, Michael. :-)

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