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iPhoto 6

It took six versions, but I’m pleased that iPhoto now organizes the image files in its library by roll, rather than in lots of little folders alongside its metadata files.

Daily Reboot?

Seth Dillingham:

By some odd coincidence, three times this week I’ve come across Mac OS X users who don’t know the benefits of logging out. That is, they either leave the machine running at night (still logged into their user account), or they put the machine to sleep. They rarely—if ever—log out, and only reboot when “something is wrong” or after installing a system update.

I did that (log out only when necessary) for years, and didn’t notice any ill effects. Nowadays, I restart every morning. I’m not sure what causes it—maybe the nightly backup—but I found that if I don’t restart my Mac, it gets sluggish. This is most noticeable in that the Python interpreter starts taking five seconds to start up instead of a fraction of a second.

Get Info Version Numbers

Dan Wood:

Ok, so following the guidelines, I put the version number under CFBundleVersion, and leave it out of the CFBundleGetInfoString.

But what does the Finder show in its Get Info window? It shows the contents of CFBundleGetInfoString next to the “version:” label. So if you follow the guidelines, there’s no version number visible!

One of my pet peeves is when a downloaded file or Get Info window doesn’t show the version number. Now it seems that some of these occurrences were due to people following the guidelines.

Clearing the Font Cache

Daniel Sandler:

Monaco 9 has started acting really strange! The bitmapped capital “G” glyph has changed, becoming more compressed: I just noticed it in this morning, so it can’t have been like this for very long (can it?). Anyway, this is not what Monaco is supposed to look like…

This happened to me yesterday; clearing the cache and rebooting fixed it.