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You Don’t Know Jack

Lee Bennett:

I won’t bore anyone with the details, but I will ask if anyone knows how to trick a Titanium PowerBook that’s booted on OS 9 into switching to 256-color mode, I’d be grateful to learn how. In OS X, I can switch from Millions to Thousands or 256, but only the Millions option is available when I boot in OS 9. Consequently, the game won’t run because it thinks the color setting is wrong.

Jellyvision’s lone remaining Mac person says it may be coming to Mac OS X, though.


Mmm. I miss YDKJ. Just found my brother's table-top version when I was at my folks place for the holidays.

Heck, I'm curious about the "coding software" mentioned in the email :) The cynical voice in the back of my head says "WINE" and "Minimum Requirement: Intel Processor," but I'd love to be proven wrong.

Presumably this means that it isn't written using Director anymore?

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