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You Don’t Know Jack

Lee Bennett:

I won’t bore anyone with the details, but I will ask if anyone knows how to trick a Titanium PowerBook that’s booted on OS 9 into switching to 256-color mode, I’d be grateful to learn how. In OS X, I can switch from Millions to Thousands or 256, but only the Millions option is available when I boot in OS 9. Consequently, the game won’t run because it thinks the color setting is wrong.

Jellyvision’s lone remaining Mac person says it may be coming to Mac OS X, though.

Sandvox and iWeb

Dan Wood shares some more of Watson’s story and announces that, because of the rumored iWeb, the Sandvox public beta will ship a day before Macworld Expo starts.

Although at times I feel like we are Apple’s unpaid “Research and Development” department, the truth is that Karelia’s product ideas just happen to be mainstream, like Apple’s.  I won’t be surprised if iWeb turns out to be as lame as Sherlock was, so we can get off the tracks, let Apple pass by, then get back on the tracks and back to work.