Sunday, October 23, 2005


Dave Nanian says he’s found a PaperPort replacement for Mac OS X:

Fujitsu (Fujitsu?!?) has released a Mac-compatible version of their ScanSnap scanner, the memorably named Fujitsu ScanSnap fi-5110EOXM (affiliate link). This scanner does duplexed, color scans at 15ppm, has an excellent paper feed mechanism that doesn’t seem to jam, has a decent driver that doesn’t crash, comes with Acrobat 7, and generates excellent quality, well-compressed scans. And a higher resolution, multi-page, color PDF from it is smaller than the one-bit, black-and-white compressed scans, in a proprietary format, that I was getting from the HP/Working Papers combination.

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I am interested in a paperless office. DEVONthink Pro Office appears to lead the pack with the most integrated paper to ocr'd pdf or pdf ocr'ing package with a speedy index/database. However, I find the interface and heirarchy limiting. I like the analogy of iPhoto:photos as iTunes:mp3s, and EagleFiler:pdf&web&text&email. It appear that EagleFiler may be even better than DTPO, but I would like to know more about a one-step import/index of ocr'd documents (either paper or electronic). Please advise,


What is it that you want to know? EagleFiler does not offer scanning or OCR, but there are many easy ways to import documents.

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