Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Synk 5.1

I like the interface and features of Ben Rister’s Synk, but though 5.0 was reliable, it was also slow and memory-hungry. The just-released version 5.1 is supposed to fix that. When Apple announced that Tiger would include a Mac-savvy rsync, I figured that I wouldn’t be needing Synk any more. Because it takes advantage of the fact that the destination machine can do stuff, rsync is much faster than other such utilities I’ve used. However, rsync -E has so far not been reliable. I continue to use Synk, and early indications are that it is indeed faster and uses much less RAM. Ben has provided good, friendly support, and you can’t beat his guarantee.

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It turns out that although Synk 5.1 improves the memory situation, it doesn't fix it. Synking my home folder still slows to a crawl as Synk consumes 1.7+GB of RAM. Ben says that the changes that were going to be in 5.1 are now scheduled for 6.0.

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