Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Retrospect 6.0.212

As promised, Dantz released a free update that makes Retrospect compatible with Tiger. I’m quite happy to be able to back up again, but the performance of the new version leaves a lot to be desired. With no other applications running, Retrospect backed up at a rate of 29.9 MB/min (software compression, no encryption) to a file storage set on an external FireWire drive. (I haven’t tested the DVD performance yet.) I cannot make a definitive comparison with the previous version on Panther, because the first time I started 6.0.212 it deleted my existing Operations Log. However, as I recall, it used to get at least 150 MB/min when backing up to a hard disk.

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Michael McCracken

Wow, That's pretty awful. I recently had to switch back to using Retrospect with a directly attached drive, because it could never make it all the way through a Backup Server backup. I wish there were a better alternative to Retrospect's bad UI and unreliability...

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