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TextWrangler 2.0

MacCentral is reporting that TextWrangler 2.0 has lots of new features drawn from BBEdit 8 and that it’s now free. Wow.


Competitive Pressure

BBEdit may be worried about TextMate.

I suppose, but I'm kind of skeptical because I don't think I know anyone who likes both BBEdit and TextMate. It seems like people love one and hate the other. Maybe the thinking is that new users aren't predisposed to either (i.e. text editor preference is learned, not innate), and so they want to get them on the BBEdit track.

I'd say Competitive Pressure too

I really don't remember the price of Text Wrangler but BBEdit is way too expensive and starting to show its age. It's getting a bit bloated in my opinion and seems uglier by the year. Hurray for competition!

I do like both TextMate and BBEdit. I've just never been fully satisfied with as a BBEdit user so I'm wishing for TextMate to mature quickly so I can use it full time.

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