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Tiger Mail

Erik Barzeski:

For those who’ve missed it, Tiger Mail now features the ugliest toolbar buttons ever seen.

On the plus side, the Spotlight widget in the menu bar looks much better than the last time Apple demonstrated it.

TextWrangler 2.0

MacCentral is reporting that TextWrangler 2.0 has lots of new features drawn from BBEdit 8 and that it’s now free. Wow.

DropDMG 2.5.1

DropDMG IconDropDMG 2.5.1 includes the usual round of refinements and bug fixes, and adds Czech and Italian localizations.

Retrospect Driver Update 6.1.102

The new driver update adds support for several different SuperDrives that Apple has been shipping over the past six months or so. For some models, Retrospect only supports DVD-writing; for others, it only supports CD-writing.