Friday, December 24, 2004

iCab 3.0 Beta 222 Screenshots


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Negative Margins



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Kind of ironic that the W3C's site doesn't make iCab smile ;)

It doesn't smile because there's a <br />-tag, but the page is HTML, not XHTML.

I don't really like the style of anti-aliasing used by iCab. I see colored pixels everywhere in the text and that's something I personally don't like.

TVA: iCab 3.0 uses OS X's new text rendering engine (as opposed to QuickDraw). It looks the same as Safari, OmniWeb, etc. The colored pixels are because I have the general preferences set to use LCD font smoothing.

Thanks for clearing that up. That takes down the only thing I dislike about the screenshots so far :)

so how come the text in the url field is 'NOT' anti-alias'd??

I guess it's using an older kind of text box for that.

What does iCab with css-formated submit-buttons like they are used in the Wikipedia-search ( Safari and Camino display them aqua-like Firefox showes the formated version.

iCab shows them as Aqua buttons, and it makes them a little too big so that they intrude into the blue border of the text box. (Safari uses Aqua buttons but doesn't draw the blue border around the text box at all.)

Requiem for a rendering engine...

While the rest of the web is marking the ignominious final death of the browser bearing one of the greatest names of the pre-War Internet, I want to lament the death of a very different thing, a remarkable yet unheralded rendering engine.
Today marks t...

[...] reescrito que presumía de un soporte de CSS 2.x que no era inferior al de ningún otro navegador y mostraba la red tal y como se pretendía en 2004. Con todo el bombo y platillo con el que se recibió en su día el soporte de Safari a la propiedad [...]

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