Thursday, December 23, 2004

iCab 3.0 Beta 222

The new iCab beta (registered users only) supports “CSS 2.0/2.1 probably more complete than most other browsers,” and it works on systems all the way back to Mac OS 8.5 (the first version to include ATSUI). The CSS support does seem to be much improved, but it was not evident to me how it’s better than in Internet Explorer 5 or Safari, and there are some areas where it’s clearly worse.

Update: I have now seen some pages that iCab renders better than IE 5. One area where iCab was noticeably worse, the failure to honor text-decoration: none, can be adjusted in the preferences.

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I'll take your word for it. Not going to register just to see a beta release.

I would like to see some screenshots of the beast in action, perhaps you could run it though some stuff on alistapart and see how it fairs.

Post some URLs that you want to see in iCab, and I'll make a few screenshots.

Uhhhh. Why don't you just surprise us and post a few.

I don't see where in the preferences the honoring of text-decoration can be adjusted.
Can you point the way?

Harold: It's the "Underline Links" option in the Page Display preferences. I think the default is "Always"; I set it to "Web page decides."

Ah, ok. I thought perhaps there was some kind of semi-secret CSS related preference I overlooked.

"and it works on systems all the way back to Mac OS 8.5"

Funny, I was under the impression from the site that iCab 3 worked on Mac OS 7.61-9x and OS X. That's truely an IMPORTANT range. I know of no other modern browser to claim that. Care to confirm or deny?

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