Monday, November 8, 2004

Delicious Library

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I pretty much agree with all your comments on Delicious Library. It could really, really do with online help for some things (even if much of it is intuitive). I tried to get a new line when adding "stars" to a film and couldn't work out how to do it.

I didn't realise initially that I could drag DVD links from Amazon UK on to the application and have them recognised. Strangely it wouldn't lookup Amazon US links (I have some region 1 DVDs), or read the barcodes for either UK or US ones. It really needs full localisation for those of us outside the US as soon as possible.

The lack of smart shelves is strange. It is all very well being able to add all your items, but if you can't have any sort of intelligent filtering of them it loses some of its usefulness.

I like it a lot, even though it isn't something I'd use a lot, but it does need to catch up on some of the features that less glamorous applications such as DVDpedia and Readerware offer.

More thoughts from Christopher Clark.

you batch assign meta data in DL in the same way you do in iTunes. Select all the ones youi want to edit, open up the info ("my Info" tab in right pane) window and type in the info.

Try out DVDpedia, I find it much more useful then Library as a movie fanatic. It allows much more control, especially when it comes to using the information for useful purposes like sharing with friends or staying upto date.

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