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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Wayback Search

Jamie Zawinski:

The Wayback Machine has a search engine now.

Triumph of the Will

Gary Robinson:

If you ever get a chance to see Triumph of the Will, particularly in a theater, do it, not only because it is the best example ever created of the power of the media to seduce people into unknowingly move in utterly horrific directions, and not only because it will give you insight into how a Hitler can move people to unconditionally follow him, but also because, if you are a film lover, you will actually enjoy it purely as brilliant filmmaking.

Custom Headers In Mail

Dan Wood shows how to use the UserHeaders default.

Free Smalltalk Books

Stéphane Ducasse has collected some PDFs of out-of-print Smalltalk books, and also has some newer books about Squeak.

Galileo Software Update

Buzz Andersen:

From the “Tales of Great Software Engineering” department comes an article in last week’s New Yorker, entitled “What Galileo Saw.” In it, Michael Benson descibes the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s struggle to salvage the Jupiter-bound Galileo spacecraft…

U.S. History

Here are the citizenship study guides recommended by Cullen Murphy in the current Atlantic.

PodWorks Cracked

Buzz Andersen:

Besides, the irony is almost too good: enabler of intellectual property theft has his own intellectual property stolen. Truly, there is no honor among thieves!